Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School Days

Yesterday was the first last day of my undergraduate education. Many of my friends are PMACs (first year mentors) who guided groups of less than 20 around campus for the welcome weekend activities. I was a little envious of their position, knowing they have four years left here. I only have until the beginning of summer before my career starts.
There is a vibrancy around campus with the new first year class. Much discussion can be overheard about Greek Life (Rush Pi Kapp!) dorm life, classes and from the guys, the rather enjoyable and higher percentage of ladies than in previous years. New faces grace campus, along with some old ones I haven’t seen for a long time. There were a few folks who went abroad the semester before I did, and therefore I haven’t seen some of them for over a year. Drake students tend to be a very open bunch, so from halfway across the commons or down a hallway someone will scream “Hey, your alive! What’s it like to not be getting shot at?” This generally causes mass confusion in whatever group (they still are in groups) of first years that are in between me and my greeter.
I have my first politics class today, which I am excited for. The politics and IR department profs kept a close eye on me and my travels so I have been looking forward to seeing them. On Friday I have my favorite professor, who is from Egypt. In the class is also my travel companion Amina. I imagine the jokes the professor makes will be pretty good.
I adjusted well this summer. I spent much time, including my last evening before the sun went down on my free summers, sailing around Gray’s Lake. I am ready to take on the year, and then the fleet.
-A Future “Bulldog at Sea”

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